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Baigrie, Brian S. (2007) Electricity and Magnetism, A Historical Perspective. Greenwood Publications.

Title Electricity and Magnetism, A Historical Perspective
Resource Type book
Author(s) Brian S. Baigrie
Year 2007
Publisher Greenwood Publications
ISBN 9780313333583


All students of physics need to understand the basic concepts of electricity and magnetism. E&M is central to the study of physics, and central to understanding the developments of the last two hundred years of not just science, but technology and society in general. But the core of electricity and magnetism can be difficult to understand - many of the ideas are counterintuitive and difficult to appreciate. This volume in the Greenwood Guides to Great Ideas in Science series traces the central concepts of electricity and magnetism from the ancient past to the present day, enabling students to develop a deeper understanding of how the science arose as it has.