Feyerabend (1973)

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Feyerabend, Paul. (1973) Theses on Anarchism. In Motterlini (Ed.) (1999), 113-118.

Title Theses on Anarchism
Resource Type collection article
Author(s) Paul Feyerabend
Year 1973
Collection Motterlini (Ed.) (1999)
Pages 113-118


Feyerabend formulated these theses in rough draft for a conference planned for 20 March 1973, where he was to criticize Lakatos's defense of "Law and Order" from an anarchist point of view. The theses were enclosed with a letter to Lakatos dated February 1973. A slightly revised form of these theses has appeared as Feyerabend (1975d), pp. 176-81.