Hanson (1958)

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Hanson, Norwood. (1958) Patterns of Discovery. Cambridge University Press.

Title Patterns of Discovery
Resource Type book
Author(s) Norwood Hanson
Year 1958
Publisher Cambridge University Press
ISBN 9780521092616


In this work, Hanson used insights from ordinary language philosophy, history of science, and psychology to argue that scientific thinking and observation is always theory-laden. He maintained that science would not be as rich and versatile as it is if it were not loaded with theory and expectation. He sought to elucidate the 'open' structure of scientific frameworks, as opposed to the rigid and closed definitional networks of geometry, formal logic, and mathematics. Hanson thought to challenge the logical positivist view of observation and to illuminate the process through which new conceptual frameworks in science are constructed. He is now regarded as an important forerunner of Thomas Kuhn's 'Structure of Scientific Revolutions'.