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Longino, Helen. (1995) Gender, Politics, and the Theoretical Virtues. Synthese 104 (3), 383-397.

Title Gender, Politics, and the Theoretical Virtues
Resource Type journal article
Author(s) Helen Longino
Year 1995
DOI doi:10.1007/bf01064506
Journal Synthese
Volume 104
Number 3
Pages 383-397


Traits like simplicity and explanatory power have traditionally been treated as values internal to the sciences, constitutive rather than contextual. As such they are cognitive virtues. This essay contrasts a traditional set of such virtues with a set of alternative virtues drawn from feminist writings about the sciences. In certain theoretical contexts, the only reasons for preferring a traditional or an alternative virtue are socio-political. This undermines the notion that the traditional virtues can be considered purely cognitive.