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Miller, David. (2012) The History and Philosophy of Science History. In Mauskopf and Schmaltz (Eds.) (2012), 29-48.

Title The History and Philosophy of Science History
Resource Type collection article
Author(s) David Miller
Year 2012
Collection Mauskopf and Schmaltz (Eds.) (2012)
Pages 29-48


This articles main thesis is that there are two different 'brands' of science study. One is intellectual history of science. Intellectual historians of science tend to interact with philosophers and largely ignore non-science historians. On the other hand, social historians of science treat science as a social undertaking, and tend to interact with other historians and with sociologists and to ignore philosophers and intellectual historians of science. This division, the author contends has been imposed for practical reasons, as the first group sought support from philosophy departments and the latter from mainstream history departments. The divisions, the author contends derive from larger ideological divisions within historical studies.