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Accept the notion of authority delegation.

The modification was suggested to Scientonomy community by Nicholas Overgaard and Mirka Loiselle on 7 September 2016.1 The modification was accepted on 1 February 2017.


The field of scientonomy has, thus far, underappreciated the nuances of communities and subcommunities holding authority over different elements of a common mosaic. There exist many cases in the history of science where the mosaic of a community or subcommunity will contain a number of propositions that have not been formulated by members of that community. For instance, within the art world, the art market community holds beliefs about the authenticity of certain works of art. However, the art market community do not themselves investigate claims on matters of authenticity; rather, they rely on research from the art expert community. The concept of authority delegation was formulated in order to better reconstruct the communicative and authoritative structure that exists between these, and other, scientific communities.


Theories To Accept

  • Authority Delegation (Overgaard-Loiselle-2016): Community A is said to be delegating authority over topic x to community B iff (1) community A accepts that community B is an expert on topic x and (2) community A will accept a theory on topic x if community B says so.

Authority Delegation (Overgaard-Loiselle-2016).png

Questions Answered

This modification attempts to answer the following question(s):


The modification was accepted on 1 February 2017. There was a community consensus that the concept of authority delegation is a significant contribution to scientonomy, as it "sheds light on the mechanism by which the more local, specialized mosaics of epistemic/scientific sub-communities gives rise to the more global scientific mosaic (of *the* Scientific Community), and all in terms of theories and methods".c1 It was also noted that the concept "has already been tacitly accepted by our community"c2 as it has been incorporated in some recent scientonomic research. One further suggestion was to continue refining the concept of authority delegation by focusing on cases "where the delegating community applies its own additional criteria before accepting what the experts tell them".c3

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