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Accept the definition of question as a topic of inquiry.

The modification was suggested to Scientonomy community by William Rawleigh on 12 May 2018.1 The modification was accepted on 26 September 2018.


To properly discuss the question of the status of questions in the process of scientific change, we need a definition of question. This suggested modification offers one such definition.


Theories To Accept

Question (Rawleigh-2018).png

Questions Answered

This modification attempts to answer the following question(s):

  • Question: What is question? How should it be defined?


The modification was accepted on 26 September 2018. The consensus was reached as a result of in-person consultations with scientonomists mostly outside of the discussion page of this modification. It was agreed that as the only currently published definition of the term, Rawleigh's definition is to be accepted as the best available. An alternative definition of question as "a topic of scientific inquiry"c1 was presented as a potentially pursuit-worthy direction. However, it was eventually agreed that including "scientificity" into the definition of question conflates "the question of how a question should be defined" with "the question of what stances can be taken towards questions".c2 It does not distinguish "the propositional content of the element itself" and "its historical fate", for "scientificity or lack thereof doesn't change the propositional content of the question".c3

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