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Can the epistemic stance of scientificity be taken towards questions? Can there be unscientific or pseudoscientific questions?

Sarwar and Fraser have argued that an independent stance, called scientificity, can be taken towards theories, namely that epistemic agents can consider a given theory as scientific or unscientific independent of any other stances an agent may take towards it.1 The question, then, arises whether epistemic agents can take the stance of scientificity towards questions. Do they regard certain questions as scientific but do not puruse them? Are some questions explored by epistemic agents even though they are not, at the time of exploration, considered scientific? Whether or not, and if so, how, the stance of scientificity is taken towards questions is an important topic of scientonomic inquiry.

In the scientonomic context, this question was first formulated by Patrick Fraser and Ameer Sarwar in 2018.


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