Scientonomy Seminar 2018 Fall

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Title The seventh annual IHPST seminar on the theory of scientific change
Start Date 6 September 2018
End Date 29 November 2018

Questions Raised

  • Anomalies: Under which circumstances, changes in beliefs in methods would qualify as an anomaly for Scientonomy?
  • Application of Scientonomy to Delayed Rejection: Can Scientonomy explain the phenomena of delayed rejections, if they exist? Is the law of compatibility sufficient to explain them? Do delayed rejections violate the First Law or the other laws?
  • Existence of Delayed Rejection: Do delayed rejections exist?
  • Hierarchy of Theories: Is there a hierarchy of theories that determines hierarchical authority delegation, hierarchical anomaly-tolerance, compatibility criteria or theory acceptance criteria?
  • Indicators of Communities: What types of historical markers can be taken as indicative that a certain group constituted an epistemic community at a certain time community?
  • Indicators of Violation: What are the methodological indicators of violations of scientific change?
  • Necessary Questions: Are there questions that are necessarily part of any mosaic? What questions, if any, are necessary for the process of scientific change to occur?
  • Ripple Effect of Method Rejection: When epistemic communities cease to employ their methods, what happens to the theories previously accepted by the aforementioned methods?
  • Status of Reasons: Do epistemic communities accept reasons during theory acceptance? If they do, what is the nature of the relationship between reasons and scientific change? Is it possible for a theory to remain accepted while the original reason for its acceptance is replaced by another?


Abdullah Sarwar
Andy Jiao
Avani Bhardwaj
Georgiana Dusa
Hakob Barseghyan
Intishar Kazi
Kye Palider
Paul Patton
Sinan Karamehmetoglu
Spenser Borrie
Xinyu Jiao
Yichen Zhang