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What question does this theory attempt to answer?

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Theory Type:

Depending on whatkind of a question this theory is attempting to answer, it can be normative, descriptive, or a definition.


An answer can be construed as an RDF triple that semantically links a subject, a predicate, and an object. The subject of an answer is given by its question.


The predicate of an answer is given by its question.


Enter a short title for this theory. Two or more theories can have the same title. To distinguish between them, the system will add the name of the authors and year to the page name. IMPORTANT: Please do NOT include the names of the authors or the year, as these will be added automatically.

Also Known As:

Optional. If the formulation has alternate names, please indicate them here. For instance, The First Law is also known as The Law of Scientific Inertia.

Formulation Text:

Give the exact formulation of the theory here.


Who are the authors of this formulation? If the author is not in the list, please first add the author in Author category.

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Year of Formulation:

When was this theory first formulated?

Formulation File:

Often formulations need to appear in a standard box with a title and text. Select or upload the image for this formulation.

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Provide a detailed description of this theory here. NOTE: The first paragraph of this description will also appear on any other page that cites this theory, so please ensure that the first paragraph contains a succinct exposition of the theory.


Where was this theory first formulated?

Broader History:

Optional. Use only if this formulation somehow owes to discussions outside of the scientonomic tradition. Otherwise leave empty.

Scientonomic History:

Optional. Use only if this formulation is strongly related to previous scientonomic formulations. NOTE: Do not list what theories this theory came to replace as that will be done automatically by the encyclopedia.

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