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If you want to add This is a new category of topic (question, problem), enter the name of the topic and click the button. {{#forminput:form=Topic|link text=Add a New Topic|link type=button}}
Topics or questions can be of two basic types - definitional (analytic) and non-definitional (synthetic). A question is definitional, if an answer to the question is a definition (e.g. What is ''theory''? How should ''theory'' be defined?). A question is non-definitional, if an answer to the question is a synthetic proposition (e.g. What is the ''mechanism'' of scientific change? How do theories and methods ''change'' through time?).
<PageSchema> <semanticforms_Form name="Topic"> <CreateTitle>Add To add a New Topic/Question</CreateTitle> <EditTitle>Edit this Topic/Question</EditTitle> <standardInputs freeTextLabel="Free text" inputSummary="1" inputMinorEdit="1" inputWatch="1" inputSave="1" inputPreview="1" inputCancel="1"/> <new question/semanticforms_Form> <Template name="Topic" format="sections"> <Field name="Question"> <Label>Question</Label> <semanticforms_FormInput> <InputType>textarea</InputType> <Parameter name="mandatory"/> <Description>Every topic is defined by its key question at issue. For definitional (analytic) topics, the question is usually stated as "What is X?" (e.g. What is ''theory''? How should we define ''theory''?). For non-definitional (synthetic) topics the question usually concerns a certain object/process (e.g. How do theories become accepted?).</Description> </semanticforms_FormInput> <semanticmediawiki_Property name="Question"> <Type>Text</Type> </semanticmediawiki_Property> </Field> <Field name="Prehistory" display="nonempty"> <Label>Prehistory</Label> <semanticforms_FormInput> <InputType>textarea</InputType> <Description>Describe how past philosophers or scientists addressed the key question of the topic before the inception of scientonomy. </Description> </semanticforms_FormInput> </Field> <Field name="History" display="nonempty"> <Label>History</Label> <semanticforms_FormInput> <InputType>textarea</InputType> <Description>Describe any changes to the subject so under one of this article since the establishment of scientonomy.</Description> </semanticforms_FormInput> </Field> <Field name="Parent Topic"> <Label>Parent Topic</Label> <semanticforms_FormInput> <InputType>combobox</InputType> <Description>A topic can be a sub-topic of another more general topic. To determine whether this topic is a sub-topic of another topic, ask if the question of the topic is a sub-question of some more general question. E.g. "How do theories become accepted?" is a sub-question of "How do theories and methods change through time?"</Description> </semanticforms_FormInput> <semanticmediawiki_Property name="Parent Topic"> <Type>Page</Type> <LinkedForm>Topic</LinkedForm> </semanticmediawiki_Property> </Field> <Field name="Current View"> <Label>Current View</Label> <semanticforms_FormInput> <InputType>dropdown</InputType> <Description>State the currently accepted position on the topic. If it is a definition, state the current definition. If it is a synthetic proposition, state the current formulationcategories below.</Description> </semanticforms_FormInput> </Field> </Template></PageSchema>

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