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Spyridon Orestis Palermos is is a lecturer in philosophy at Cardiff University. I work at the intersection of philosophy of mind and cognitive science, epistemology, philosophy of science and philosophy of technology. In particular, I am interested in the idea of philosophical engineering: the way philosophy can impact the engineering of emerging technologies and socio-technical systems.

I joined Cardiff University as a Lecturer in Philosophy, in September 2017. Before that I held two postdoctoral positions at the University of Edinburgh. The first was for the AHRC-funded Extended Knowledge Project and the second for Philosophy, Science and Religion Online.

My PhD and MSc in Philosophy are from the University of Edinburgh, where I had the opportunity to develop my views on extended and distributed epistemology under the supervision of world-leading experts Prof Duncan Pritchard, Prof Andy Clark and Dr Mark Sprevak.

I also hold a BSc and MSc in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens.

To find out more about my research and ongoing projects, you can visit my personal website.


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