Sub-Communities Exist (Overgaard-2017)

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An attempt to answer the question of Existence of Sub-Communities which states "Communities can consist of other communities."

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Sub-Communities Exist was formulated by Nicholas Overgaard in 2017.1


Acceptance Record

This theory has never been accepted.

Suggestions To Accept

Here are all the modifications where the acceptance of this theory has been suggested:
ModificationCommunityDate SuggestedSummaryVerdictVerdict RationaleDate Assessed
Sciento-2017-0013Scientonomy19 May 2017Accept that communities can consist of other communities, i.e. that there is such a thing as a sub-community.Open

Question Answered

Sub-Communities Exist (Overgaard-2017) is an attempt to answer the following question: Is there such a thing as a sub-community? Can communities consist of other communities?

See Existence of Sub-Communities for more details.


A community can consist of other communities. Thus, there is such a thing as a sub-community, i.e. a community that is part of a larger community (e.g. the community of particle physicists within the community of physicists).


No reasons are indicated for this theory.


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