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This template is called from within the SetBibliographyItem template to define an individual journal article entry in accord with the specifications of the #scite parser. Items defined through this become part of the Semantic Cite mechanism used by this encyclopedia.

NOTE: As any "set" template, it doesn't print anything on the page, but merely sets the appropriate values.


  • |citation key= - the citation key of this resource, e.g. "Laudan (1988)".
  • |author= - the author(s) of the resource. If multiple authors need to be specified, a comma delimited array can be passed here.
  • |title= - the title of the resource.
  • |year= - the year of first publication.
  • |publisher= - the name of the publishing company.
  • |abstract= - the abstract or a short synopsis of the resource.
  • |isbn= - the ISBN number of the publication.
  • |hyperlinkurl= - if the resource is online, the stable hyperlinkurl of the resource.
  • |doi= - the DOI of the resource, if available.
  • |journal= - the title of the journal.
  • |volume= - the volume of the journal issue.
  • |number= - the number of the journal issue.
  • |pages= - the pages where the resource is located. Don't use "p." or "pp." just indicate the page numbers, e.g. "61-116".