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This template is called from within other category templates (e.g. Author, Topic, Theory) to store the completion rate of a given date property. The template checks whether the Year, Month, and Day components of the date are present. Depending on the value of |requireddateprecision=, the template calculates the completion rate and stores the value in a property titled CR_{{{propertyname}}}.

NOTE: As any "set" template, it doesn't print anything on the page, but merely sets the appropriate values.


  • |propertyname= - the name of the property for which a completion rate is to be calculated.
  • |propertyvalueyear= - the year value.
  • |propertyvaluemonth= - the month value.
  • |propertyvalueday= - the day value.
  • |requireddateprecision= - the required date precision; allowed values are Year, Month, and Day; the default is Day.
  • |returnvalue= - if nonempty, the calculated value is returned.