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Is it conceivable that, following the rejection of a method, that any theories which satisfied its requirements also would become rejected, seeing as how the reasons for belief in them no longer hold (in the eyes of the community)?

When a method is replaced, what happens to the theories that became accepted due to it? What does a community do with these theories? Do they remain accepted? Are they assessed by another method?

After the replacement of an old method with a new one, theories that became accepted under the rejected method may suffer a status displacement. Scientonomy currently recognizes three status categories for theories, having to do with pursuit, use, and acceptance. How do such theories relate to these categories? Do we need to formulate a new category to encompass them? For example, when a new method of drug acceptance is employed in the pharmaceutical community, we do not abstain from using old medicines before they are tested to comply with this new method. Such questions require further investigation.

In the scientonomic context, this question was first formulated by Hakob Barseghyan, Paul Patton and Charlotte Marcotte-Toale in 2018. The question is currently accepted as a legitimate topic for discussion by Scientonomy community. At the moment, the question has no accepted answer in Scientonomy.

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