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Provide a very short description of the community here. If the community is geographically localized, indicate the geographic area. If the community is associated with institutions, indicate those institutions. IMPORTANT: Please avoid any wiki markup, and do not add any references in this box.


Provide a concise history of this community here. Include all the major developments such as creation of journals, courses, programmes, departments, encyclopedias, etc.

Notable Members:

Who are some of the notable members of this community. NOTE: If an author is not in the list, please add that author to the system first.

Historical Data Precision:

The historical data on different communities has different precision. For more contemporary communities we might be able to reconstruct their mosaics with a daily precision, while for other communities the best we can do is to reconstruct their mosaics for any given year. NOTE: If this is an active community openly endorsing the scientonomic mechanism of modifications, we strongly suggest opting for tracing its data with a daily precision.

Allow Approximate Dates:

In some cases, it might be necessary to have an option to indicate that an entered year, month or day is approximate. When a date is approximate, it is preceded by circa, e.g. circa 1050 or circa 1 January 2016. If such situations are possible for this community, choose Yes.

Year Established:

When did this community emerge?

Still Exists:

Does the community still exist?

Year Disbanded:

If the community no longer exists, indicate when it was disbanded.

Uses Modifications Mechanism:

If this community makes use of this encyclopedia to trace and evaluate modification to its mosaic, select Yes. Otherwise leave No.


Since this community uses the modification mechanism of this encyclopedia, it needs an acronym that will be added as a prefix to the names of the community's modifications, e.g. Acronym-2016-0001.