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Every topic is defined by its key question at issue. Since this is a definitional (analytic) topic, please state the key question as "What is X?" (e.g. What is theory? or How should theory we defined?). IMPORTANT: please avoid any wiki markup here, such as references or links to other wiki articles.


Provide some detail here and explain the importance of the question at issue. This section can include the usual wiki markup.

Parent Topic:

A topic (question) can be a subtopic (subquestion) of another more general topic (question). To determine whether this topic is a subtopic of another topic, ask if the question of the topic is a subquestion of some more general question.


Which authors first formulated this question? If the authors are unknown, or the question was formulated collectively, this field should be left empty.

Add a New Author
Year of Formulation:

When was the question first formulated? Can be left empty if the year of the first formulation is unknown.

Academic Events:

Where was this question first formulated? Indicate the academic events (seminars, workshops, etc.) where this question was raised. If the event is not in the list, please add it under the category Academic Event.


Describe how past philosophers or scientists addressed the key question of the topic before the inception of scientonomy.


Describe any changes to the subject of this article since the establishment of scientonomy.

Current View:

NOTE: There is no need to restate the currently accepted theories here; the system does it automatically. Use this field only to provide additional details not covered by the encyclopedia's algorithms. If the regular record suffices, leave this field empty.

Related Topics:

List all the topics related to this topic. NOTE: Do not include the parent topic and the subtopics of this topic, as these will be displayed automatically. IMPORTANT: Those related questions that don't currently have an accepted theory will be listed in the Open Questions section.


First-order questions are questions about the process of scientific change. Second-order questions are questions about first-order questions or theories. E.g. How do theories become accepted? is a first-order question in scientonomy, whereas Is the law of theory acceptance a tautology? is a second-order question.

First Order Elements:

The first order epistemic elements (theories and/or questions) about which this second-order question is. E.g. the second-order question Is the law of theory acceptance a tautology? is about the law of theory acceptance which is itself a first-order theory, whereas the second order question Is the theory rejection theorem deducible from the law of inertia? is about first-order theory rejection theorem and the first-order law of scientific inertia.

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