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This template is used to print an array of topics related to the page. This works for any page type that has property "Has Related Topic".

NOTE: As any "printing" template, it doesn't store any values anywhere, but merely prints them on the page.


  • |object= - the page for which related topics are to be printed.
  • |intro= - initial text that precedes the output, if at least some results exist.
  • |outro= - text that is appended to the output, if at least some results exist.
  • |default= - if, for any reason, the query returns no results, this will be printed instead.
  • |link= - determines whether the values are to be printed as links to the respective pages (where available); possible values are none, subject, all. If not given all is the default.
  • |bullets= - if yes, a bullet-list will be produced.