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Aaron D. Cobb is a philosopher and author specializing in ethics, epistemology, philosophy of religion and the history and philosophy of science. He has written about Faraday's electromagnetism, as well as Herschel, Mill, and Whewell's philosophies of science.


Here are the works of Cobb included in the bibliographic records of this encyclopedia:

  • Cobb (2012a): Cobb, Aaron D. (2012) Is John Herschel an Inductivist about Hypotheses? Perspectives on Science 20 (4), 409-439.
  • Cobb (2012b): Cobb, Aaron D. (2012) Inductivism in Practice: Experiment in John F. W. Herschel's Philosophy of Science. International Journal for the History of the Philosophy of Science 2 (1), 21-54.
  • Cobb (2011a): Cobb, Aaron D. (2011) History and Scientific Practice in the Construction of an Adequate Philosophy of Science: Revisiting a Whewell/Mill Debate. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 42 (1), 85-93.
  • Cobb (2010): Cobb, Aaron D. (2010) Natural Philosophy and the Use of Causal Terminology: A Puzzle in Reid's Account of Natural Philosophy. Journal of Scottish Philosophy 8 (2), 102-114.
  • Cobb (2009): Cobb, Aaron D. (2009) Michael Faraday's "Historical Sketch of Electro-magnetism" and the Theory-Dependence of Experimentation. Philosophy of Science 76 (5), 624-636.

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