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Bacon, Francis. (2004) The Oxford Francis Bacon XI: Novum Organum. Oxford University Press.

Title The Oxford Francis Bacon XI: Novum Organum
Resource Type book
Author(s) Francis Bacon
Year 2004
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780199247929


Volume XI of The Oxford Francis Bacon comprises the first new critical edition of Bacon’s most important philosophical work, the Novum Organum, for a hundred years. One of the foundation documents of early-modern philosophy, Novum Organum is edited in accordance with modern textual-critical principles for the first time. Graham Rees presents the only edition ever to include the original Latin text with a brand new, facing-page translation, and a thorough Introduction and detailed commentary of the text. The edition represents a major step towards the reinstatement of Bacon as a central figure in the history of early-modern philosophy, and will be essential reading for anyone studying the history of science and ideas in the seventeenth-century.