Barseghyan, Overgaard, and Rupik (2018)

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Barseghyan, Hakob; Overgaard, Nicholas and Rupik, Gregory. (2018) Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science. Open Library. eCampus Ontario. Retrieved from

Title Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science
Resource Type book
Author(s) Nicholas Overgaard, Hakob Barseghyan, Gregory Rupik
Year 2018
Publisher Open Library. eCampus Ontario


This resource provides a comprehensive introduction to the key issues in the history and philosophy of science. How do scientific theories and method change through time? Is there a universal and unchangeable method of science? What demarcates science from non-science? Can scientific theories provide true descriptions of the world? Is there scientific progress? What are the major worldviews in the history of science? This first half of this text considers pivotal questions of the philosophy of science, while the latter half of the text traces the genealogy of contemporary scientific worldview through key historical questions.