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Deborah Tollefsen is a modern professor of philosophy at the University of Memphis.. Deborah Tollefsen is professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Memphis in Tennessee in the United States. Professor Tollefsen (PhD, Ohio State University) joined the department in 2002. Prior to her PhD, she received a BA in philosophy from St. Anselm College and an MA in philosophy from the University of South Carolina. Her research and teaching interests include philosophy of mind, social epistemology, and social ontology. Her work has appeared in such journals as Episteme, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Philosophical Explorations, and Philosophy of the Social Sciences and on topics such a group testimony, collective moral responsibility, joint action, co-authorship, and group knowledge.


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  • Tollefsen (2004): Tollefsen, Deborah. (2004) Collective Epistemic Agency. Southwest Philosophy Review 20 (1), 2-12.

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