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Descartes, René. (2007) Discourse on the Method. Early Modern Texts. Retrieved from

Title Discourse on the Method
Resource Type book
Author(s) René Descartes
Year 2007
Publisher Early Modern Texts


Tr./Ed. Jonathan Bennett. Originally published in 1637.

If this discourse seems too long to be read at a sitting you may divide it into six parts. In 1 you will find various considerations regarding the sciences; in 2 the main rules of the method that the author has sought; in 3 some of the moral rules he has derived from this method; in 4 the arguments by which he proves the existence of God and the human soul, on which his metaphysics is based; in 5 the order of the questions in physics that he has investigated, particularly the explanation of the movement of the heart and of some other problems in the medical sphere, and also the difference between our soul and that of the lower animals; and in 6 the things he believes are needed if we are to go further than he has in the investigation of nature, and his reasons for writing this discourse