DiMarco and Khalifa (2019)

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DiMarco, Marina and Khalifa, Kareem. (2019) Inquiry Tickets: Values, Pursuit, and Underdetermination. Philosophy of Science 86, 1016-1028.

Title Inquiry Tickets: Values, Pursuit, and Underdetermination
Resource Type journal article
Author(s) Kareem Khalifa, Marina DiMarco
Year 2019
Journal Philosophy of Science
Volume 86
Pages 1016-1028


We offer a new account of the role of values in theory choice that captures a temporal dimension to the values themselves.We argue that nonepistemic values sometimes serve as “inquiry tickets,” justifying scientists’ pursuit of certain questions in the short run, while the answers to those questions mitigate transient underdetermination in the long run. Our account of inquiry tickets shows that the role of nonepistemic values need not be restricted to belief or acceptance in order to be relevant to hypothesis choice: the relevance of nonepistemic values to a particular cognitive attitude with respect to h varies over time.