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Duhem, Pierre. (1996) Essays in the History and Philosophy of Science. Hackett Publishing Company.

Title Essays in the History and Philosophy of Science
Resource Type book
Author(s) Pierre Duhem
Year 1996
Publisher Hackett Publishing Company
ISBN 0872203093


"This volume assembles twelve texts published between 1892 and 1915... The editors allow one to see the genesis of the ideas of Duhem, philosopher and historian, of the variety of his styles, and sometimes also the limits of his work... A useful index, probably unique in the field of Duhemian studies, completes the book... The English-language public may be assured an exemplary translation and a reliable critical apparatus." -Jean Gayon, Revue d'Histoire des Sciences

Articles in This Book

Here are the articles included in this book:

  • Duhem (1893): Duhem, Pierre. (1893) Physics and Metaphysics. In Duhem (1996), 2-29.
  • Duhem (1903): Duhem, Pierre. (1903) Analysis of Mach's The Science of Mechanics: A Critical and Historical Account of Its Development. In Duhem (1996), 72-112.

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