Feigl and Maxwell (Eds.) (1961)

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Feigl, Herbert and Maxwell, Grover. (Eds.). (1961) Current Issues in the Philosophy of Science. Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

Title Current Issues in the Philosophy of Science
Resource Type collection
Author(s) Herbert Feigl, Grover Maxwell
Year 1961
Publisher Holt, Rinehart and Winston
ISBN 9780030103902


This collection of six symposia, with 24 prominent philosophers and scientists participating, concentrates on many of the most significant issues and controversies at the frontiers of philosophical and scientific enlightenment. The discussions clarify basic issues and problems and go on to suggest new avenues for their resolution. Each contribution is original; none has been published before. These fascinating give-and-take sessions among eminent thinkers simulate the reader to do his own thinking about fundamental problems in the logic and methodology of science. Among the problems discussed are the epistemological foundations of science, the logic of quantum theory, philosophy of space and time, and methodology of psychology. - from dust jacket.

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