Fleck (1936)

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Fleck, Ludwik. (1936) The Problem of Epistemology. In Cohen and Schnelle (Eds.) (1986), 79-112.

Title The Problem of Epistemology
Resource Type collection article
Author(s) Ludwik Fleck
Year 1936
Collection Cohen and Schnelle (Eds.) (1986)
Pages 79-112


The fundamental error in many discussions from the field of epistemology is the (more or less open) manipulation of the symbolic epistemological subject, known as ‘human spirit’, ‘human mind’, ‘research worker’ or simply ‘man’ (‘John’, ’Socrates’), which has no concrete living position, which does not basically undergo changes even in the course of centuries and which represents every ‘normal’ man regardless of the surroundings and the epoch. Thus it is to be absolute, unchanging and general.