Mauskopf and Schmaltz (2012)

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Mauskopf, Seymour and Schmaltz, Tad. (2012) Introduction. In Mauskopf and Schmaltz (Eds.) (2012), 1-12.

Title Introduction
Resource Type collection article
Author(s) Seymour Mauskopf, Tad Schmaltz
Year 2012
Collection Mauskopf and Schmaltz (Eds.) (2012)
Pages 1-12


This contribution introduces an edited work which includes a series of essays on the integration of philosophy of science with history of science. The authors note that the joint field of history and philosophy of science began, for US citizens at least, when the US National Science Foundation began funding studies in the history and philosophy of science and Princeton University and Indiana University founded history and philosophy of science programs in 1960. The authors stress the early role of Norwood Hanson in founding the field, and the role of Thomas Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions in calling philosophers' attention to the field of history. Scholars have since struggled to forge a unified discipline that is both historical and philosophical at the same time.