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Commenting on this modification is closed; the modification is accepted.

Paul Patton

64 months ago
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I support this modification because I believe it does clarify the scientific understanding of methods as normative theories that can be both accepted and employed. As a practical matter, accepting this definition will require a whole series of changes to other theories already accepted by the scientonomic community to accord with the new definitions, for example, the 'Methodology can shape Method theorem'. Does acceptance of this modification constitute acceptance of the making of these changes by an editor?

Hakob Barseghyan

58 months ago
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This is just to note that the acceptance of this modification took place primarily off-line, outside of this discussion page. The consensus on this modification has been manifested on several occasions, including the first scientonomy conference in May 2019 in Toronto, where several of the speakers treated the suggested definition of method as accepted.

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