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Provide your comments regarding the suggested modification here. At minimum you need to indicate whether you think the modification is acceptable, why "yes" or why "no". The key question here is not whether the modification is flawless - no modification ever is. The key question is whether the modification, if accepted, will provide an overall improvement to our communal knowledge.

Please follow the instructions in the guidelines for readers.

Ameer Sarwar

15 months ago
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I have some questions about this. Say person X proposes a modification and person Y proposes a change to it that everyone agrees should be made. X may then give credit to Y, and so the latter's name also appears on the modification. Yet, when other scholars write papers that utilize this modification, what should do they cite? Should they cite the original paper? Alternatively, if modification 2019-0002 is accepted, do they cite the co-authored paper (published in either the journal or an edited collection)?

Other than this, the modification seems pretty reasonable to me.

Hakob Barseghyan

15 months ago
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Ameer raises an important question: should those who refer to a certain modification cite the modification's original paper, or the paper with commentaries on that modification, or both? As things stand, we don't have much choice but to cite the original paper and add a reference to the respective discussion page of the encyclopedia. However, if modification 2019-0002 is accepted and commentaries are published in separate papers, we will be able to also cite the commentary papers. In this latter scenario, I think, the best practice would be to cite both the original paper and the commentary paper.

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