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Commenting on this modification is closed; the modification is accepted.

Deivide Garcia

21 months ago
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ON "Accept the definitions of authority delegation, and its subtypes, that generalize the currently accepted definitions to apply to all epistemic agents, rather than only communities."

Yes. This proposal of delegation finds no logical objection. Moreover, although it could face so difficulty to be proven true from a historical perspective, especially in specific fields, like natural sciences, the proposed modification of delegation to all epistemic agents, rather only communities, finds no evidence against its feasibility.

Hakob Barseghyan

21 months ago
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I agree with Deivide that the modification is to be accepted. It introduces a necessary rewording in the definitions of authority delegation and its species. I find this modification uncontroversial, since, as such, it merely attempts to capture what is already de facto accepted - namely, the idea that authority can be delegated by and to epistemic agents of all kinds (both communal and individual). This is confirmed by the fact that the canonical examples of authority delegation often involve individual experts (see, for example, Loiselle 2017).

My verdict: accept.

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