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What is procedural method? How should it be defined?

Procedural method is one of the key concepts in current scientonomy. Thus, its proper definition is of great importance.

In the scientonomic context, this question was first formulated by Hakob Barseghyan in 2015. The question is currently accepted as a legitimate topic for discussion by Scientonomy community. Procedural Method (Barseghyan-2015) is currently accepted by Scientonomy community as the best available definition of the term. Procedural Method (Barseghyan-2015) states "A method which doesn't presuppose any contingent propositions."


Acceptance Record

Here is the complete acceptance record of this question (it includes all the instances when the question was accepted as a legitimate topic for discussion by a community):
CommunityAccepted FromAcceptance IndicatorsStill AcceptedAccepted UntilRejection Indicators
Scientonomy1 January 2016Yes

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The following theories have attempted to answer this question:
TheoryFormulationFormulated In
Procedural Method (Barseghyan-2015)A method which doesn't presuppose any contingent propositions.2015
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Accepted Theories

The following theories have been accepted as answers to this question:
CommunityTheoryAccepted FromAccepted Until
ScientonomyProcedural Method (Barseghyan-2015)1 January 2016

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Current View

In Scientonomy community, the accepted definition of the term is Procedural Method (Barseghyan-2015). It is defined as: "A method which doesn't presuppose any contingent propositions."

Procedural method p 219.jpg

The definition assumes that it is possible to conceive of methods that do not presuppose any substantive knowledge about the world. If a method doesn't presuppose any accepted theories other than definitions, the method is procedural.p. 219 As a possible example of a procedural method, Barseghyan mentions what he calls the deductive acceptance method, according to which "if a proposition is deductively inferred from other accepted propositions, it is to be accepted".p. 221 This method, according to Barseghyan presupposes only some definition of deductive inference as well as some very abstract method such as "only accept the best available theories".p. 220-221 The latter is another possible instance of a procedural method, as it too doesn't seem to presuppose any substantive knowledge of the world. Read More

Currently, procedural method is defined as a method which doesn't presuppose any contingent propositions. 1p. 219

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