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In this encyclopedia, topics or questions can be of three basic types:
* [[:Category:Definitional Topic|Definitional (analytic)]]: A question is ''definitional'', if an answer to the question is a [[:Category:Definition|definition]]. Examples of definitional topics include ''What is theory?'', ''How should theory be defined?'' etc.
* [[:Category:Descriptive Topic|Descriptive (explanatory)]]: A question is ''descriptive'', if an answer to the question is a [[:Category:Descriptive Theory|descriptive theory]]. Examples of descriptive topics include ''What is the mechanism of scientific change?'', ''How do criteria of demarcation change through time?'', ''Can there be unchangeable methods of theory assessment?'', etc.
* [[:Category:Normative Topic|Normative (prescriptive)]]: A question is ''normative'', if an answer to the question is a [[:Category:Normative Theory|normative theory]] (i.e. an evaluation/prescription of a certain course of action). Examples of normative topics include ''How should we evaluate new theories?'', ''How should a TSC be assessed?''
<PageSchema> <semanticforms_Form name="Topic"> <CreateTitle>Add a New Topic/Question</CreateTitle> <EditTitle>Edit this Topic/Question</EditTitle> <standardInputs freeTextLabel="Free text" inputSummary="1" inputMinorEditSemantic Map="1" inputWatch="1" inputSave="1" inputPreview="1" inputCancel="1"/> </semanticforms_Form> <Template name="Topic" format="sections"> <Field name="Question"> <Label>Question</Label> <semanticforms_FormInput> <InputType>textarea</InputType> <Parameter name="mandatory"/> <Description>Every topic Here is defined by its key question at issue. For definitional (analytic) topics, a simplified class diagram for the question is usually stated as "What is X?" (e.g. What is sub-categories of ''theory''? How should we define ''theorytopic''?). For non-definitional (synthetic) topics the question usually concerns a certain object/process (e.g. How do theories become accepted?).</Description> </semanticforms_FormInputimagemap> <semanticmediawiki_Property name="Question"> <Type>Text</Type> </semanticmediawiki_Property> </Field> <Field name="Prehistory" display="nonempty"> <Label>Prehistory</Label> <semanticforms_FormInput> <InputType>textarea</InputType> <Description>Describe how past philosophers or scientists addressed the key question of the topic before the inception of scientonomyImage:Wiki Semantic Map Topic and Its Subtypes. </Description>png|664px|center </semanticforms_FormInput>circle 336 459 150 [[:Category:Definitional Topic|Definitional Topic]] </Field> <Field name="History" display="nonempty"> <Label>History</Label> <semanticforms_FormInput> <InputType>textarea</InputType>circle 650 459 150 [[:Category:Descriptive Topic|Descriptive Topic]] <Description>Describe any changes to the subject of this article since the establishment of scientonomy.</Description> </semanticforms_FormInput> </Field> <Field name="Parent circle 966 459 150 [[:Category:Normative Topic"> <Label>Parent |Normative Topic</Label>]] <semanticforms_FormInput>desc none <InputType>combobox</InputTypeimagemap> <Description>A topic can be a sub-topic of another more general topic. To determine whether this topic is add a sub-topic of another new question/topic, ask if the question do so under one of the topic is a sub-question of some more general question. E.g. "How do theories become accepted?" is a sub-question of "How do theories and methods change through time?"</Description> </semanticforms_FormInput> <semanticmediawiki_Property name="Parent Topic"> <Type>Page</Type> <LinkedForm>Topic</LinkedForm> </semanticmediawiki_Property> </Field> <Field name="Current View"> <Label>Current View</Label> <semanticforms_FormInput> <InputType>dropdown</InputType> <Description>State the currently accepted position on the topic. If it is a definition, state the current definition. If it is a synthetic proposition, state the current formulationcategories below.</Description> </semanticforms_FormInput> </Field> </Template></PageSchema>

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