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This is a category of topic (question, problem).
Topics In this encyclopedia, topics or questions can be of two three basic types - definitional :* [[:Category:Definitional Topic|Definitional (analytic) and non-definitional (synthetic). ]]: A question is ''definitional'', if an answer to the question is a [[:Category:Definition|definition (e.g]]. Examples of definitional topics include ''What is theory?''theory, ''? How should ''theory'' be defined?'' etc.* [[:Category:Descriptive Topic|Descriptive (explanatory). ]]: A question is non-definitional''descriptive'', if an answer to the question is a synthetic proposition (e.g[[:Category:Descriptive Theory|descriptive theory]]. Examples of descriptive topics include ''What is the mechanism of scientific change?''mechanism, '' How do criteria of scientific demarcation changethrough time?'', ''Can there be unchangeable methods of theory assessment? '', etc. * [[:Category:Normative Topic|Normative (prescriptive)]]: A question is ''normative'', if an answer to the question is a [[:Category:Normative Theory|normative theory]] (i.e. an evaluation/prescription of a certain course of action). Examples of normative topics include ''How do should we evaluate new theories and methods ?''change, '' through timeHow should a TSC be assessed?)''  ==Semantic Map==Here is a simplified class diagram for the sub-categories of ''topic''.<imagemap>Image:Wiki Semantic Map Topic and Its Subtypes.png|664px|centercircle 336 459 150 [[:Category:Definitional Topic|Definitional Topic]]circle 650 459 150 [[:Category:Descriptive Topic|Descriptive Topic]]circle 966 459 150 [[:Category:Normative Topic|Normative Topic]]desc none</imagemap>
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