Susan Faye (born Walter Faw) Cannon

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Susan Faye (born Walter Faw) Cannon (15 October 1925 – 6 November 1981) was an American historian of science, best known for their study of uniformitarian geology and the overall state of science in the 19th century..


Here are the works of Cannon included in the bibliographic records of this encyclopedia:

  • Cannon (1961a): Cannon, Susan Faye. (1961) John Herschel and the Idea of Science. Journal of the History of Ideas 22 (2), 215-239.
  • Cannon (1961b): Cannon, Susan Faye. (1961) The Impact of Uniformitarianism: Two Letters from John Herschel to Charles Lyell, 1836-37. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 105 (3), 310-314.
  • Cannon (1960): Cannon, Susan Faye. (1960) The Problem of Miracles in the 1830s. Victorian Studies 4 (1), 4-32.

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