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What method ought to be employed to assess a scientonomic theory?

Theories are assessed by a community and will be accepted into the mosaic of that community if they satisfy the employed method of the time. Like any other theory, a scientonomic theory will be assessed by the scientonomic community itself. What method ought the scientonomic community use to assess a scientonomic theory? While it seems clear that a theory of scientific change must account for the process of scientific change and the transitions from one accepted theory to another and one employed method to another, 1p. 107 it is not clear what methodology should act as a normative guide for such an assessment.

In the scientonomic context, this question was first formulated by Hakob Barseghyan in 2015. The question is currently accepted as a legitimate topic for discussion by Scientonomy community.

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Scientonomy1 January 2016The question was raised by Barseghyan in his original formulation of scientonomy pp. 99-109, although he was unable to supply a normative answer.Yes

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