Epistemic Community as Part of Non-Epistemic Community

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Can an epistemic community be the sub-community of a non-epistemic community?

It appears as though some non-epistemic communities, such as large for-profit corporations, often have research and development teams that try to further their knowledge of certain aspects of the world. Consider for instance an AI research team or a marketing team trying to learn how to reach consumers within a large corporation such as Google or Apple. These research and marketing teams are trying to better know some element of the world and, thus, qualify as epistemic communities. Yet the corporation of which they are part seem to be non-epistemic communities as they exist for the sake of profit. The question is whether it is really the case that a non-epistemic community can have as its sub-community an epistemic community?1

In the scientonomic context, this question was first formulated by Nicholas Overgaard in 2017.

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Epistemic Community Can be Part of Non-Epistemic Community (Overgaard-2017)A non-epistemic community can consist of epistemic communities.2017

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Sciento-2017-0015 Scientonomy 19 May 2017 Provided that the distinction between epistemic and non-epistemic communities is accepted, accept that a non-epistemic community can consist of epistemic communities. Open The modification can only become accepted once modifications Sciento-2017-0013 and Sciento-2017-0014 all become accepted.

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  1. ^  Overgaard, Nicholas. (2017) A Taxonomy for the Social Agents of Scientific Change. Scientonomy 1, 55-62. Retrieved from https://www.scientojournal.com/index.php/scientonomy/article/view/28234.