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The field-defining journal of Scientonomy offers research that deepens our understanding of the process of scientific change. The underlying idea of the journal is that scientific change is a law-governed process and that it is best studied in a piecemeal theory-guided fashion. It is an integral part of the scientonomic workflow.

The journal publishes works that attempt to accomplish the following:

  • seek solutions to topical issues in theoretical scientonomy;
  • apply the currently accepted theory to historical cases of scientific change;
  • engage in a philosophical analysis of the key concepts of scientonomy.

Any research paper published in the journal comes with an explicitly formulated list of suggested modifications. These modifications are documented in this encyclopedia and are then evaluated by scientonomic community.

The journal uses the Open Access publishing model and is freely available online at


The journal of Scientonomy was established in 2016 by the scientonomy community.


The following is the list of articles published in the journal:

Citation KeyYearCitation Text
Friesen and Patton (2023)2023Friesen, Izzy and Patton, Paul. (2023) Discipline Dynamics of Chymistry and Rejection of Alchemy. Scientonomy 5, 93-110. Retrieved from
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