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Palider, Kye et al. (2021) A Diagrammatic Notation for Visualizing Epistemic Entities and Relations. Scientonomy 4, 87-139. Retrieved from

Title A Diagrammatic Notation for Visualizing Epistemic Entities and Relations
Resource Type journal article
Author(s) Hakob Barseghyan, Paul Patton, Jamie Shaw, Ameer Sarwar, Kye Palider, Nichole Levesley, Torin Doppelt, Amna Zulfiqar, Jessica Rapson, Yifang Zhang, Julia Da Silva
Year 2021
Journal Scientonomy
Volume 4
Pages 87-139


This paper presents a diagrammatic notation for visualizing epistemic entities and relations. The notation was created during the Visualizing Worldviews project funded by the University of Toronto’s Jackman Humanities Institute and has been further developed by the scholars participating in the university’s Research Opportunity Program. Since any systematic diagrammatic notation should be based on a solid ontology of the respective domain, we first outline the current state of the scientonomic ontology. We then proceed to providing diagrammatic tools for visualizing the epistemic entities and relations of this ontology. These basic diagramming techniques allow us to construct diagrams of various types for both synchronic and diachronic visualizations. The paper concludes by highlighting some future research directions. As the notation presented here is de facto accepted and used in scientonomy, the paper suggests no modifications.