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Accept that star-ratings are to be introduced for commentators who comment on suggested modifications on the encyclopedia.

The modification was suggested to Scientonomy community by Hakob Barseghyan and Jamie Shaw on 22 December 2019.1 The modification is currently being evaluated; a verdict is pending.


In the present-day academic climate of "publish-or-perish", academics are required to publish and present at prestigious venues. In contrast, spending time and effort commenting on the encyclopedia pages does little to further one's academic career. Thus, to address the problem of the lack of commenting, it is necessary to restructure the incentive structures.


One possible way to incentivize commenting is to introduce star-ratings. Studies suggest that when commenting helps people achieve some kind of a status as a result, the people are strongly encouraged to comment more. In addition, a 5 Gold Star rating may provide a CV line. While this suggestion may seem far-fetched, it is still think worth discussing.

Note that this suggestion requires no formal changes to the workflow, but requires changes to our practices.


The modification is currently being evaluated; a verdict is pending.

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