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Accept the new definition of epistemic agent as an agent capable of taking epistemic stances towards epistemic elements.

The modification was suggested to Scientonomy community by Paul Patton on 26 December 2019.1 The modification is currently being evaluated; a verdict is pending.


The concept of an epistemic agent was made reference to by Barseghyan,2 but currently lacks a scientonomic definition. Communities are taken to be capable of "bearing a scientific mosaic".3pp. 43-52 Yet, there are many uncertainties about what "bearing a mosaic" actually means. For example, must a bearer of a mosaic be familiar, in full detail, with every theory, question, and method in the mosaic? Given such uncertainties it is not clear that "mosaic bearing" is actually the best way to characterize epistemic agency. In addition, the issue of whether individuals can be epistemic agents, or whether tools and instruments can be requires clarification. For all these reasons, a clear definition of epistemic agent is needed.


Theories To Accept

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Questions Answered

This modification attempts to answer the following question(s):


The modification is currently being evaluated; a verdict is pending.

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