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Commenting on this modification is closed; the modification is accepted.

Paul Patton

66 months ago
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I support the acceptance of 'Epistemic Elements -Questions and theories'. A definition of both 'Question' and 'Theory' has already been accepted by the scientonomic community. A definition for 'definition' is currently under review. Thus, much within the scope of this definition has already been accepted. Perhaps the most important change is the treatment of methods as a sub-type of normative theory, which is also a consequence of other changes already accepted or under review.

While I support the eventual acceptance of the definition 'Theory Acceptance', I believe it is not yet ready for acceptance, since it uses a term; 'Epistemic Agent' which as yet has no accepted scientonomic definition. In a paper currently under review, I have proposed a definition of 'Epistemic Agent'. I believe that acceptance of the 'Theory Acceptance' definition should be deferred until a satisfactory definition of 'Epistemic Agent' has been accepted by the community. Another potential problem with this definition, and also with its predecessor, is that it makes no mention of the role of the employed method of the time in the acceptance of a theory.

Hakob Barseghyan

59 months ago
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This is just to capture that following a series of off-line discussions, a consensus has emerged concerning this modification. The consensus has been manifested on several occasions, including the first scientonomy conference in May 2019 in Toronto, where several of the presenters treated this new ontology as accepted.

This episode also makes clear that often discussions of suggested modifications happen outside of the discussion pages of this encyclopedia and, therefore, our workflow must have a way of accommodating these discussions. That is a task for the future.

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