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Provide your comments regarding the suggested modification here. At minimum you need to indicate whether you think the modification is acceptable, why "yes" or why "no". The key question here is not whether the modification is flawless - no modification ever is. The key question is whether the modification, if accepted, will provide an overall improvement to our communal knowledge.

Please follow the instructions in the guidelines for readers.

Hakob Barseghyan

19 months ago
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This modification provides a great addition to the current body of scientonomic knowledge. Once we accept that the current zeroth law is a tautology, it becomes clear that we need a new law explaining the mechanism of compatibility, i.e. a law stating how a pair of elements comes to be considered compatible. Fraser and Sarwar's formulation, I believe, succeed in doing precisely that.

In its essence, the law mimics the current formulation of the second law, by connecting assessment outcomes with their respective courses of events. Because the law forbids a number of logically conceivable scenarios, it is evident that the law is not a tautology. Thus, it is provides a great improvement over current understanding of compatibility.

Thus I believe the modification is to be accepted.

Ameer Sarwar

15 months ago
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I agree that since this law is non-tautological, it is a significant improvement over the previous understanding of the way compatibility works in scientific change. Thereofore, I recommend that this modification should be accepted.

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