Palermos and Pritchard (2016)

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Palermos, Spyridon Orestis and Pritchard, Duncan. (2016) The distribution of epistemic agency. In Reider (2016), 109-126.

Title The distribution of epistemic agency
Resource Type collection article
Author(s) Spyridon Orestis Palermos, Duncan Pritchard
Year 2016
Collection Reider (2016)
Pages 109-126


In this volume, Sanford Goldberg (chapter 1) defines his socio-epistemological research programme by noting that “social epistemology is the systematic study of the epistemic significance of other minds” (section 3).1 But what can those minds be and how do they differ from the world around us? Goldberg elaborates by noting that relying on others is not quite the same as relying on the natural world for evidence—as we do, for instance, when we come to know that it’s cold outside by seeing someone reaching for their parka or when we discover that we have a mouse problem by finding the droppings under the sink. The difference, explains Goldberg, is that others manifest “the very results of their own epistemic sensibility” (chapter 1, section 1).