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The goal of scientonomy workshops and conferences is to bring together scholars studying various aspects of the process of scientific change and discuss some of the contentious open modifications, formulate new questions, and brainstorm possible answers.

Normally, any suggested modification is evaluated on its respective discussion page of this encyclopedia. In some cases, the community agrees that the modification is to be accepted/not accepted. However, there are cases, when a modification causes disagreement and no consensus emerges regarding its verdict. Scientonomy workshops provide a venue for the scholars with opposing views to work together with the aim of reaching a consensus regarding those modification which caused disagreement or, at the minimum, providing some insight as to how this modification can be altered to become acceptable. As opposed to the seminar format, the primary objective of our workshops is consensus formation.

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The first workshop will be organized as disagreements in the scientonomy community concerning suggested modifications accumulate. When there is a sufficient number of contentious modifications, these modifications will be discussed in a workshop.

Here is the complete list of all scientonomy workshops:

Scientonomy Conference & Workshop 201923 May 201924 May 2019
Scientonomy Workshop 202325 February 202325 February 2023
Scientonomy Workshop 202421 February 202423 February 2024


The scientonomy community is currently in the midst of organizing its inaugural conference/workshop.

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