Scientonomy Workshop 2024

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Title Second Scientonomy Workshop, Lisbon
Start Date 21 February 2024
End Date 23 February 2024


During the workshop, we will discuss the modifications suggested in the following papers:

Historical Modifications

We will first discuss what should be done about the modifications that make historical claims, such as:

Rawleigh (2022)

Rawleigh, William. (2022) Reconceiving Scientific Mosaics: A New Formalization for Theoretical Scientonomy. In Barseghyan et al. (Eds.) (2022), 83-103.

Barseghyan & Levesley (2021)

Barseghyan, Hakob and Levesley, Nichole. (2021) Question Dynamics. Scientonomy 4, 1-19. Retrieved from

Patton & Al-Zayadi (2021)

Patton, Paul and Al-Zayadi, Cyrus. (2021) Disciplines in the Scientonomic Ontology. Scientonomy 4, 59-85. Retrieved from

Oh (2021)

Oh, Sanghoon. (2021) Element Decay. Scientonomy 4, 41-58. Retrieved from

Pandey (2023)

Pandey, Aayu. (2023) Dilemma of the First Law. Scientonomy 5, 25-46. Retrieved from

Shan (2023)

Shan, G. G. (2023) Corpus Linguistics Strategies for Identifying Accepted Theories in Early Modern England. Scientonomy 5, 47-71. Retrieved from

Patton (2019)

Patton, Paul. (2019) Epistemic Tools and Epistemic Agents in Scientonomy. Scientonomy 3, 63-89. Retrieved from

Allen (2023)

Allen, Joshua. (2023) Epistemic Actions: A Scientonomic Framework. Scientonomy 5, 73-91. Retrieved from

Overgaard (2017)

Overgaard, Nicholas. (2017) A Taxonomy for the Social Agents of Scientific Change. Scientonomy 1, 55-62. Retrieved from

Modifications Moved to the Next Workshop

Palider (2019)

Palider, Kye. (2019) Reasons in the Scientonomic Ontology. Scientonomy 3, 15-31. Retrieved from

Patton, Overgaard, & Barseghyan (2017)

Patton, Paul; Overgaard, Nicholas and Barseghyan, Hakob. (2017) Reformulating the Second Law. Scientonomy 1, 29-39. Retrieved from

Mercuri & Barseghyan (2019)

Mercuri, Mathew and Barseghyan, Hakob. (2019) Method Hierarchies in Clinical Epidemiology. Scientonomy 3, 45-61. Retrieved from

Modifications Discussed


Andrew Chung
Cameron Scott
Deivide Garcia
Hakob Barseghyan
Izzy Friesen
Jamie Shaw
Juan Serrano Reyes
Kye Palider
Landon See
Letizia Marcelja
Nichole Levesley
Nora Zolfaghari
Paul Patton
Rebecca Muscant
Stephanie Cui