Synchronism of Method Rejection theorem (Barseghyan-2015) Reason1

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Barseghyan explains the deduction: "By the method rejection theorem, a method is rejected only when other methods incompatible with the method become employed. Thus, we must find out when exactly two methods can be in conflict. In order to find that out, we must refer to the third law which stipulates that an employed method is a deductive consequence of accepted theories and other methods. Logic tells us that when a new employed method is incompatible with an old method, it is also necessarily incompatible with some of the theories from which the old method follows. Therefore, an old method can be rejected only when some of the theories from which it follows are also rejected".1p. 177-8This reason for Synchronism of Method Rejection theorem (Barseghyan-2015) was formulated by Hakob Barseghyan in 2015.1


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