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G. G. Shan is a Canadian scientonomer notable for her work on corpus linguistics strategies.

Suggested Modifications

Here are all the modifications suggested by Shan:

  • Sciento-2023-0004: Accept that noun-adjective pairs within the RSC can be indicative of communal theory acceptance. The modification was suggested to Scientonomy community by G. G. Shan on 31 December 2023.1 The modification was accepted on 22 February 2024. During 2024 workshop, Andrew Wong noted that he was already using the noun-adjective pairs that this modification concerns to train AI models for the future scientonomy database project. Although Stephanie Cui pointed out that these pairs were from the RSC and as such might not be as relevant for investigating scientific change in different cultures and time periods, she still agreed that this was an excellent starting point. Hakob Barseghyan also noted that there was not as much at stake in accepting the modification as there would be in rejecting it (and essentially stating that the RSC pairs cannot ever be indicative of communal theory acceptance). Andrew Chung suggested that involving other scholars in the digital humanities could help us further refine our use of corpus linguistics strategies in the future. Thus, the acceptance of this modification would bring interdisciplinary benefits for scientonomers too. The modification was accepted unanimously (15/15 votes to accept).


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