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One major goal of this encyclopedia is to keep track of the current state of the scientonomic mosaic as well as trace changes in it. Every journal article on scientonomy is an attempt to improve our knowledge of the process of scientific change. While the editors and reviewers of the respective journal decide whether a paper is publishable, only readers decide whether the modifications suggested in that paper are acceptable. These suggested modifications are documented, discussed, and evaluated by the scienotnomic community on special pages of this encyclopedia. As a member of the scientonomic community familiar with the current state of scientonomy and its reconstructed historical mosaics, you can evaluate any one of the suggested modifications. When evaluating a modification, your goal is to provide an impartial evaluation of the suggested modifications and give a verdict concerning each suggested modification: to accept or not to accept the modification.

Why is my Appraisal Important?

The fate of any suggested modification is being decided by readers like you. If there is overwhelming consensus concerning a modification, then the fate of this modification is decided conclusively. If no consensus emerges, then the suggested modification remains pursued. In that case, it may become a topic of discussion at workshops and seminars on Scientonomy. It may also be modified by other authors.

If a modification receives no appraisals, it continues to be considered “pursued”. Thus, without appraisers, there will be no change in our mosaic and, consequently, there will be no improvement in our knowledge of scientific change. Your appraisals are vital for deciding the fate of suggested modifications and, thus, advancing our knowledge of scientific change.

How should I Appraise Modifications?

Start by reading the article and then go over the list of suggested modifications. Then scrutinize each suggested modification on an individual basis. It is your task to evaluate each individual suggestion and provide your verdict. There are two possible verdicts that you can recommend for a modification:

Accept Not-accept
The suggested modification is acceptable as is or possibly with very minor alterations (these alterations must be indicated). The suggested modification is not acceptable and more work is needed (it is always good form to suggest possible alterations).

It is possible that many of the ideas presented in the paper are worthy of further elaboration and yet none of the suggested modifications are acceptable. So please keep in mind the focus of your appraisal are the specific suggested modifications presented in the paper. When evaluating a suggested modification, please consider the following:

  • Take One Modification at a Time. It is possible that some of the suggested modifications are acceptable, while others are to be further pursued. So, if at all possible, please take the piecemeal approach and evaluate each modification separately.
  • Always Comment. Supplement your verdicts with detailed comments. Your verdicts will have much greater weight if backed up by solid arguments for or against the acceptance of a modification. If you think the modification should be accepted, please, say why you think so. If you think the suggestion has no promise whatsoever, then please reveal your reasons. If you think it is promising but not currently acceptable, then please tell us about the pitfalls of that suggestion.
  • Suggest Improvements. If you have an idea how the suggestion can be improved, please indicate how it can be improved. However, please note that an appraisal is not the most opportune place for suggesting elaborate alternative solutions. So, if you think you have a better idea, please consider writing and submitting a separate paper so that your suggestion can be properly presented and evaluated.
  • Don’t Forget the Mosaic. It is important to take the current state of our knowledge into consideration when evaluating a suggested modification. What possible effects would the modification have on our mosaic if it were to be accepted? Are those effects themselves acceptable? It may so happen that a suggested modification seems acceptable on the surface, but can have devastating effects on other parts of the mosaic. Take these consequences into account in your evaluation.

Where should I Submit my Appraisal?

Each suggested modification has its own page in this encyclopedia. To ensure equal community access, please post your appraisal under the Discussion page of the respective suggested modification.